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Zekro is a 2D arcade game...The game has got 3 levels...each level has its own difficult, 1st level will be easy to win and collect all diamonds, 2nd level will be with normal difficulty to win and collect all diamonds & 3rd level has the most difficulty of all other levels, in this level it is too hard to complete by collecting all the diamonds...There are many objects in this game like ghosts, diamonds, chest, gateway to exit, spirit book and our hero... The rules of the game are simple all you have to do is collect diamonds try not to be caught by the ghosts, and one more thing the spirit book cannot be taken by you if you try to take it you will just pass through it,the spirit book is for ghosts if the ghosts take it their number increases by 1 and that can be very dangerous for you, similarly the diamonds cant be taken by the ghosts the will just pass through it and they will bounce back when they collide with the ghost, we gave powers to the ghosts not human in that way it's more logical to play...The game has been created by Vic Creations(now owned by BlackCat)... Like our page BlackCat Games on facebook and follow us on instagram...

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